Viruses & Spyware

Is your computer running unusually slow? Does it seem to have a mind of it’s own? Your PC may be infected with a Virus, Spyware or Malware!

These nasty programs can impede performance, and worse, steal personal information…

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Training & Support

We offer training and support on how to use and maintain PC’s for people of all ages.

We don’t use “technical Jargon”, and keep explanations easy to follow. If you need some help understanding your PC, give us a call…

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Upgrading your PC

We sell Computer Packages from Entry Level through to the High End Packages with all the bells and whistles.

We also supply upgrades to your existing computer including: increased memory, larger hard drives, better graphics, and more…

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We take the “ARRGGHH!” out of computers

Friendly, efficient service in plain english - no technical jargon to confuse you!