Upgrading your PC

As technology advances your PC may not be able to keep up with software unless its hardware is brought up to date. If your current PC is having problems it may need a service or an upgrade for some of it’s components or possibly even replacing it with a newer PC.


More / Faster RAM: Often you hear people complain how slow their PC is. This can often be caused by a lack of Ram (Memory). Adding more Ram is good upgrade to extend the life of your PC.

Larger Hard Drive (HD): Upgrading to a larger hard drive will allow you to store more programs and information on your PC. Having a hard drive that is nearly full seriouly affects your PC’s performance, making it frustratingly slow.

Better Graphics Card: Some PC’s don’t even have a graphics card! They rely on the main processor and software to manage the information being sent to your monitor. Adding or upgrading your graphics card will increase your PC’s ability to properly manage games, movies and even some websites.


Keeping IT Ezi-PC can build a custom personal computer tailored to your requirements whether it be for business or play.

We deal in only quality components and never try to sell you more than you need. Depending on your personal PC requirements, we can recommend the best components for you, including:

– an appropriate processor

– the right amount of memory (RAM)

– a suitably sized hard drive

– appropriate graphic and sound card

– USB and plugs for other devices

– software to meet your needs

We also tell you, in plain English, just how to use your new PC – not techno-babble to confuse you.